Italian wedding planner:Wedding Photography, Video, Internet Live Streaming

BTW organizes civil and religious destination weddings for non-Italian citizens in the most fantastic venues in Italy
We can provide all photography, from traditional weddings to reportage, color films carried out with modern techniques and custom edited with the possibility of using all systems: PAL - SECAM - NTSC. NEW!!! INTERNET LIVE STREAMING of your Wedding in Italy

In addition to the photographer's assistance and highly specialized video operators working all over Italy, we can offer you an elegant album, made of leather and personalized with the initials of the bride and groom, the date of the marriage, made by a Florentine handcrafter using traditional Italian artistic techniques, in which you will be able to put the unforgettable images of your wedding.

Wedding Photographer in Italy
Wedding Photographer in Venice
Wedding Photographer in Sicily
Wedding Photographer in Liguria and Piedmont
Wedding Photographer in Chianti

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