Wedding Italy: civil religious symbolic wedding

BTW organizes civil and religious destination weddings for non-Italian citizens in the most fantastic venues in Italy

In Italy it is possible to have a valid civil wedding, religious wedding, symbolic ceremony or a simple blessing. In the case of legal weddings, it is necessary to present documents to the local authorities. The documentation necessary varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested. Our agency can help and assist you in the preparation of all the documents required.

Civil Ceremonies
Ceremonies with civil validity may be celebrated in the City Halls of every Italian city. We have a wide experience in civil weddings, having organized weddings in 70 different Italian cities. Weddings celebrated with a Catholic ceremony or in a Protestant Church, or any other location (Villa, Garden, Castle) are also valid as civil weddings, if the celebrant is recognized by the Italian State.

Religious Ceremonies
Foreign citizens can be married in Italy according to the Catholic rites. In this case, the ceremony must take place in a Catholic Church. We can also arrange weddings according to Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox rites. In these cases, it is possible to be married in a sacred location (church or synagogue) or in a villa, castle or garden, and in any case before a celebrant who is officially recognized by the Italian State.

Symbolic Wedding
A Symbolic Wedding essentially consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony. You can celebrate in a chapel or any other location, without limitations or restrictions. Usually the couples who choose this type of ceremony have had a civil ceremony in their home country, and arrive in Italy for a wedding according to Italian tradition, in historic sites, or a private setting.


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